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Founded in 2004,BAIYILUN TRV CO., LTD. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of thermostatic valves. We specialize in constant temperature control valves used in pressure temperature regulators found throughout commercial and residential heating and hot water systems. Our valves are automatic constant temperature controlled, and do not require exterior energy to maintain indoor temperature. Our products are designed to save you energy, while protecting the environment. As an ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified supplier of thermostatic valves, we ensure the very highest product standards for our customers by using strict quality control procedures to monitor every step of the manufacturing process from raw materials to finished products. Our thermostatic valves are manufactured and tested according to GB/T13927-92 and EN215-1 quality standards. Our dedication to quality has earned our products a pass designation from the Beijing Construction Project Quality Inspection Centre.Our sincere commitment to quality products and technological development has helped propel BAIYILUN into the forefront of thermostatic valve manufacture and supply. Coupled with our philosophy that honesty and loyalty are keys to complete customer satisfaction, when you purchase a thermostatic valve from BAIYILUN, you are purchasing the product of a deep commitment to quality.

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