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Baiyilun is an early professional manufacturer in independently researching and producing TRV products in China, Since 1995, we have provided OEM and ODM services for many HVAC companies in the Chinese market. Since 2001, we have started to conduct extensive cooperation with the European market.

01 ————— Cutting and blanking

Cutting and blanking

Automation is fast and efficient, reducing manual intervention and improving productivity 
and consistency.

02 ————— Lathe&milling machine

Lathe&milling machine

Automation: Rapid processing of materials for increased productivity.
High-precision machining: ideal for machining complex parts and custom designs.

03 ————— Drill


Drilling is a common machining operation to create holes for threads or other fasteners.

04 ————— Surface Treatment

Surface Treatment

Cleaning, polishing, brushing, painting, sandblasting, anti-corrosion treatment, the correct choice and application of surface treatment technology can effectively extend the service life of the material, improve product quality and aesthetics.

05 ————— Assemble


Combine multiple parts or components into a fully functional whole so that they can work together.

06 ————— Inspect


Final quality control checks performed. Ensures that the product meets all necessary requirements before delivery to the customer.

07 ————— Pack


The product is placed in customised packaging to protect it from damage during transit and to ensure that it arrives at the customer in good condition.

08 ————— Warehousing


Storage and custody of commodities until they are further transported or distributed to their final destination.