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Quality Control
Quality Control
Ensuring that products meet the needs of consumers. This includes control of the entire process from product design, production to after-sales service to ensure product quality, reliability and performance. Improve the quality of products to bring better products and services to customers.
01Raw material analysis
Analyze the proportion of metal elements in raw materials and identify the quality grade of raw materials.
02Size detection
Check the basic size requirements of the product, check the important dimensions, and avoid the misfit in production.
03Coating test
Test the coating thickness of the product to ensure the quality of the product.
04Salt spray test
Test the corrosion resistance grade of products according to international standards and support ASS/NSS/CASS testing
05Life testing of valve core
Check the number of service life of the spool and confirm the quality grade of the spool.
06Appearance inspection
Strictly control the appearance quality of products,Not only keep the nice appearance, but also all details as the drawings.