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Role and principle of magnetic filter

May 31, 2024

1. high filtration efficiency: the boiler magnetic filter can filter out more particles in the water, thus achieving higher filtration efficiency.

2. Convenient maintenance: the boiler magnetic filter has a washable filter mesh inside, which can be cleaned and maintained at any time to extend the service life of the equipment.

3. Safe to use: The boiler magnetic filter adopts a high-strength permanent magnet inside, which can generate a strong magnetic field to adsorb the magnetic particles without external power supply, and has the advantage of high safety.

4. Simple operation: the boiler magnetic filter works automatically without human intervention, and the operation is very simple.

Boiler magnetic filter is usually installed at the water inlet and outlet of the boiler system, which can effectively filter out the tiny particles in the water, including deposited iron oxide and copper oxide. These tiny particles, if not filtered out, are likely to form deposits in the pipework, which can affect the efficiency of the system and cause the boiler to malfunction. With a magnetic filter, you can extend the life of your boiler, improve the efficiency of your boiler and heating system, and maintain a comfortable indoor environment.